The Void – New for 2023

Deep within the thick forests of the Pacific North West are the Howling Caves, surrounded by lush and beautiful hiking trails that are well worn from adventurous hikers. However, many people, even the most daring individuals, refuse to go near the caves themselves. The locals have grown up hearing the tales of the monstrous beasts within. Many will tell you the howling sound that comes from within the cave is just the wind, but those who believe the folklore will tell you it’s the beasts themselves making these horrendous sounds.

People frequently go missing along the trails and near the caves, so the town is upset but not shocked when 4 local teens never return from their weekend hike. Ranger Tate, a well known and loved Forest Ranger, sets off into the caves to look for the teens; however, the reclusive Forest Ranger Miller ends up reporting him missing when he fails to return as well.

It’s now up to you, the newest Rangers on the team, to head into the caves and bring back Ranger Tate and the missing teens. Will you find them and make it back out, or will the beings within get to you first?

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