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The Back Story: Sightings of The Cloaked Men

In March of 1993, a doctoral student of anthropology at Oxford, named Matthew Dettluff, was approached in the library by a large group of cloaked men. According to a statement by Dettluff, the men were looking to authenticate a stone tablet they called ‘Diabolus Corporibus’, and became increasingly more agitated throughout the conversation. When Dettluff reached for the stone, the men shouted in another language, and one of them produced a large knife. Dettluff was stabbed twice in the abdomen, but made a full recovery in the hospital shortly after. The men slipped away before the authorities arrived at the scene.

The next sighting of the cloaked men was thought to be on April 26, 2000. Residents of Eunice, Louisiana noticed that over two dozen cars were parked outside an abandoned church just west of town. Two local deputies were dispatched to handle the apparent trespassing but stopped answering their radios when they arrived on the scene. The sheriff and three other deputies were sent shortly after. The following is from an interview with a deputy who wishes to remain anonymous.

“When we showed up, there were six cars in the front yard, but no one was around. The other squad car wasn’t there either but we had direction to enter. We found the front door of the church was barred so one of the other deputies and myself kicked it in. The inside of the church was the worst thing you have ever seen. There were symbols painted everywhere. Pentagrams, upside-down crosses, and symbols I’ve never seen before. All of the Church contents were in a pile in the corner, painted red, I thought. I found out later from forensics that it was blood. Seemed impossible to me- that much blood being in one spot.”

“Then there was movement from behind the pews, a group of cloaked men walked out into sight and in unison they stopped and turned to face us. Before we could do anything this giant guy covered in scars, he must’ve been seven feet tall, comes running at us. No words. We all started shooting. I swear we shot the guy twenty times before he fell. And just as quickly all the cloaked men scattered, like a group of crows, and in seconds they were gone. Just disappeared. We all start moving between the pews when suddenly this small woman with one arm stands up behind the pulpit. She’s holding this zippo and she looks me right in the eye, she never says a word, and drops it. The whole back of the church goes up, her in it, but she never makes a sound. She just burns there…. looking at me.”

“We all ran out and the sheriff spotted someone in the woods, and two of our guys start calling out. Suddenly the woods were on fire and this kid with no arms or eyes comes stumbling out, on fire. His face was white….almost porcelain looking, like it wasn’t skin. He too never made a sound. I didn’t know it at the time but they had their mouths sewn shut….It still gives me nightmares.”

Four Months ago journalist Daniel Everett was found missing both eyes and all four limbs with the word “Herald” carved from cheek to cheek across his nose. After three weeks in the ICU, he began giving his account of his time with the cloaked men.

“They cut on people, take parts from them, and they are loved for it. I watched them pull apart six people… some children… They put the pieces together like a puzzle… And they chanted and they sang and…this thing got up. It stood, and it bellowed and the crowd cheered. They cheered and this… this thing, it had hundreds of teeth. They gave it rows and rows of teeth and dressed is almost like a doll. A demon doll. “

“They took my left leg first, and put it on this torso. They kept telling me that my soul would live forever if I offered my body to The Host of Demons. They kept cutting and cutting. They made another monster with someone else’s legs and my arm. See this here?” [Motioning to where his left arm ends in a stump] “It was here that I stopped hating them.” [Holding up his right stump] “It was here that I believed them. But I didn’t stop screaming. I didn’t stop screaming until they took my eyes. I don’t know if I passed out, but I stopped screaming.

“They’re not crazy, you know. Not really. They just… just believe so much, and they’re so charismatic and powerful, the people have no choice but to follow them. They’ve got this stone, and they say it tells of the end of the world. Armageddon. Ragnarok. The apocalypse. Whatever you want to call it, they say it’s coming. Demons from the depths of hell are coming up. They say I’m their messenger to the world. The end is coming. [Laughing] Some of us will be soldiers for the demons. Some of us will be food and entertainment. It’s up to us, they say.”

The doctors sedated Everett again for his own protection. The next morning, the nurses discovered Everett had chewed off his own tongue.

That morning, the disappearances began again. With only a fraction of missing persons ever reported in urban areas, the numbers are unknown as of yet, but reports are starting to pour in to local police stations and news channels. The public is urged to use caution.

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