Haunted Mansion

The Back Story

The mansion you see before you is the long abandoned home of Dr. Luther Van Horn and the tragic tale of his beloved young wife Nora.

Luther was a successful doctor of the medical sciences and someone who was perceived to be, from a very young age, a scientific genius. He had loved Nora from the moment he had laid eyes on her, from their initial meeting when they were just children to the time they were finally wed, they literally spent every waking hour together.

Luther spent his days tending to sick patients and labored past midnight nightly in his research laboratory, for his quest for knowledge and the inner workings of the human body were insatiable, unmatched only by his curiosity of the existence of the human soul.

The love he and Nora shared was unworldly and it was no surprise that shortly after their wedding day Nora was with child. Such joy shared between two people has rarely been seen as anticipation for the new baby consumed them and finally after nine months of preparation the time had come. But something was wrong… Very, very wrong and despite all of his efforts, knowledge and skill… the baby and his beloved Nora were lost. Luther’s grief consumed him, his loss… his rage… his guilt… changed him. He stopped seeing patients. He spent every waking hour in his laboratory. He combined his research from his quest for the human soul and empowered it with his incredibly strong connection with Nora, as he obsessed to find a way to bring her back or at least to open a portal to communicate with her on the other side.

Some have claimed that he was grotesquely successful to not only communicate but to have opened a pathway allowing Van Horn descendants to manifest as hateful, destructive, vile, versions of themselves. Others choose to believe he simply went mad, but none can dispute the bazaar and unexplainable events that began to occur next. Strange cloaked figures arrived weekly bearing volumes of books and trunks with labels from foreign lands. Tragically, the music and laughter had quickly turned to unearthly moans and screams. Other unexplained sounds, smells and the sightings of floating apparitions became a regular occurrence at the Mansion. From this point forward no one dared to enter the house as those who said to have ventured inside were never to return.

Had the good doctor succeeded in opening a portal to the afterlife? And if so, at what cost to his very soul?

Could such a portal between this life and the next be created with the right knowledge, skill, and an unparalleled love, loss and connection between two people?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe there is a place between the living and the dead?

Will you… Should you enter… The Haunted Mansion

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