Guest Services

If your question is not answered below, please call
604-253-2311 or email

For ticketing-related questions, please call TicketOps at
1-888-236-2947 or email


Do you need to purchase a regular admission FrightPass if purchasing a Rapid Pass?

No, a Rapid Pass will give the bearer the same access as a regular FrightPass including gate admission, access to 15 rides, the Monsters of Schlock show and Radiant Heat Fire Performance, but in addition, card holders will receive admission to the Rapid Pass line once per house and once per ride (The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Music Express, Atmosfear and Hellevator) on their visit.

Can a Rapid Pass Card be used over several visits?

No, Rapid Pass cards can only be used for the night purchased, once per house and one per ride on five select rides (Atmosfear, The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Music Express and Hellevator).

Are there restrictions as to how many times I can use my Rapid Pass card?

Yes, the Rapid Pass card can only be used once per house and once per ride on five select rides and only on the date the card was purchased for.

Are costumes allowed inside Fright Nights?

Costumes and Face Paint of any kind are prohibited.

Do you have disabled washrooms and where are they located?

Disabled access is provided at the midway games line location only.

Is there a smoking area while visiting Fright Nights?

Fright Nights is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area located across from the Hellevator.

Do you provide baby change areas?

Restrooms with baby change tables are located at the west side of Triple O's restaurant and the north end of the midway games line near Scoops.

Where are the locations of your cash machines?

ATMs are located next to guest services at the main entrance of Fright Nights and at Pizza Pizza.

How do I find something I've lost at Fright Nights?

The best way to find an item lost at the Fright Nights is to visit Lost & Found, which is located at Guest Services. If you are not able to visit Lost & Found in person, you can call the Lost & Found Hotline at 604-251-7717 or email

Are we allowed to bring our cameras into Fright Nights?

Cameras and/or video cameras are permitted except for professional cameras and cameras with detachable lenses. The use of selfie sticks is not permitted in the park and are prohibited from use on all rides. NOTE: Cameras and/or video cameras are not permitted on rides or inside attractions.

Are we allowed to bring food or beverage into Fright Nights?

No outside food or beverage is permitted.

Do you allow pets and animals inside Fright Nights?

Animals are not allowed inside the Park with the exception of Service Animals for guests with disabilities.

Do you accept Credit Cards and INTERAC at Fright Nights?

Credit Cards and INTERAC are accepted for admission and at most shops and restaurants including Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Do you offer any discounted group rates?

Discounted Group Rates are available for groups of 20 or more. Call Fright Nights Group Sales at 604-252-3663 for information or visit our Group Sales section.

What is the best way to dress for a day at Fright Nights?

Fright Nights is a casual, family-oriented environment. We suggest you dress comfortably, wear good walking shoes and check the local weather report before you leave for the Fright Nights.

It is an important part of the Fright Nights experience that the Parks are family-friendly. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense regarding your attire in Fright Nights. Attire that is not appropriate for Fright Nights (and which may result in refusal of admittance) includes, but is not limited to: Clothing generally considered offensive. Clothing with inappropriate words, phrases and/or graphics. For your safety, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, including entering and leaving Fright Nights.

Does Fright Nights allow re-entry into the park?

In and Out privileges are not available for Fright Nights.

What ride and/ or attraction restrictions are there in the park?

All Rides and/or Attractions have height restrictions to ensure Guest Safety. Typical safety restrictions include height restrictions, health and safety advisories and accessibility guidelines. These restrictions and advisories are listed at individual rides and/or attractions or are available at Guest Services.

What items are available for rental at Fright Nights?

Locker, stroller and wheelchair rentals are available at Guest Services and are available on a first come first serve basis.

If I become separated from my group, is it possible for an announcement to be made?

Fright Nights does not offer in-park paging. Please be sure to have a specific meeting place for your group. Guests may leave messages for one another at Guest Services.

If a child becomes separated from your group contact the nearest Fright Nights staff member, security officer or visit Guest Services for immediate assistance. NOTE: The PNE/Fright Nights has also developed a Lost Child Tagging Program to facilitate the location and reuniting of lost ones. Please register your child with Guest Services upon arrival.

Are public telephones available at Fright Nights?

Yes, a courtesy phone is available just inside the entrance of Fright Nights and at Guest Services.

What does weather permitting mean?

To ensure the safety of our guests during inclement weather such as high winds, rain or lightening in the park vicinity, individual rides or the entire park may be closed. Affected rides may be reopened if deemed safe. Fright Nights does not issue rain cheques or refunds for ride or park closures.

Where can I receive discounts to Fright Nights?

Discounted Fright Nights admission can be purchased online under "Buy Tickets". They can also be purchased or at Lower Mainland 7-Eleven stores starting October 8.

What rides or attractions are currently not operating?

To provide Fright Nights Guests, with the highest quality experience, attraction maintenance is occasionally necessary. Flume and Scrambler will not be operational during Fright Nights. Flume and Scrambler are not included in the total number of rides available with a FrightPass. Please contact Guest Services at 604-252-3620 for operational updates.

When is the best time to visit Fright Nights?

Historically, weekends are the busiest days at Fright Nights. If you have flexibility in your plans please consider visiting us on a weekday, when access to rides and/or attractions will likely be quicker. On Fridays and Saturdays, we recommend that you arrive early to maximize your frightening experience as these nights can be the busiest and may sellout.

What does your Fright Nights pass include?

Fright Nights' one-price admission plan includes unlimited access to 7 haunted houses, 15 rides (additional charge for Drop Zone and Revelation), Monsters of Schlock and Radiant Heat Fire Performance.

What personal items are subject to inspection upon entering Fright Nights?

As you approach the Guest screening tents, please be prepared for inspection of your personal items, including:

  • Bags (e.g., purses, brief cases, tote bags, diaper bags, camera bags, backpacks, merchandise bags)
  • All bags must be carried in the Park and cannot be pulled or pushed on rollers. Luggage that cannot be carried in hand must be stowed in lockers. Please note that lockers have limited availability.
  • Waist packs (i.e., fanny packs). Please remove for inspection prior to the Guest screening table.
  • Coats and jackets
  • Packages (e.g., sealed and unsealed boxes, wrapped gifts)
  • Strollers (underneath strollers)
  • Wheelchairs/ECVs
  • Coolers/lunch boxes
  • Canes and shoes

What am I NOT allowed to bring into the park?

Fright Nights management asks for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the continued safety of guests and staff. Fright Nights reserves the right to inspect bags and purses upon request. We recommend that you secure all unnecessary valuables in the trunk of your vehicle or store articles in Fright Nights lockers which are located upon entry to Fright Nights.

The following items are not permitted on Fright Nights grounds:

  • Pets (Service Animals are permitted and must be wearing an identifying assistive-companion vest)
  • Wagons, skateboards, scooters (motorized and nonmotorized), inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, unicycles, pogo sticks, two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles and Segway Human Transporters
  • Strollers larger than 36" x 52" (which mirrors the rental stroller sizes)
  • Suitcases, backpacks or similar bags with wheels
  • Any trailer-like object that is pushed or towed by an ECV, wheelchair or stroller
  • Note: Guests are not permitted to pull items behind them. Any item that requires a Guest to pull it behind him, including a stroller, is not permitted into the Theme Parks.
  • Coolers larger than six-pack sized are not permitted into the theme parks.
  • Alcoholic beverages and any illegal substances
  • Folding chairs, with the exception of cane-chair and seat-walker mobility aids
  • Glass containers, with the exception of baby food containers, medicine or small perfume bottles (under 4 oz)
  • Water pistols, toy guns and replica weapons, with the exception of those sold in Fright Nights Resort
  • Sporting goods or equipment (e.g., baseball bats, helmets, hockey sticks, golf clubs, bows and arrows, camping equipment, chairs, stools, tables, Frisbees)
  • Weapons of any kind (including guns; knives; billy clubs; brass knuckles; and nunchucks, stars and other martial arts equipment)
  • Self-defense equipment (pepper spray, mace, stun guns)
  • Restraining devices (e.g., handcuffs, zip ties) or any suspicious items (e.g., box cutters, razor blades, duct tape, wire)
  • Items that may be disruptive (e.g. laser pointer, slingshot, stink bomb, air horns)
  • Miscellaneous other items (tools, selfie sticks, fire extinguishers, musical instruments, megaphones, pots and pans)
  • Professional cameras and recording equipment. (Reporters must make prior arrangements with PNE Media Relations.) Folding tripod stands that can fit inside a standard backpack are permitted.
  • Large umbrellas (Regular-sized umbrellas are permitted)

Getting to Fright Nights

By Transit

We encourage you to use alternate transportation. The entrance to Fright Nights is located on Hastings Street with-in walking distance of several bus stops. There are also bicycle racks located outside the Fright Nights main gate well as the corner of Hastings & Renfrew. For more information about getting to Fright Nights via transit, including fares and schedules, please visit or call 604-953-3333.

By Vehicle:

If you choose to drive we encourage you to park in one of the PNE's secure, well-lit lots. Lots are located at the corner of Windermere and Hastings across from the entrance to Fright Nights. Additional parking is available at gate 9 located off Bridgeway Street. Parking costs $15.00; We accept cash, credit and debit for parking payment. Click here for directions to the PNE.


If walking to Fright Nights, as a courtesy to local residents, please enter and exit the grounds quietly and refrain from leaving litter in the streets.

Any thing else I should know?

Fright Nights is not recommended for children 12 & under, guest 65 and older, guests with sensitivity to strobe lighting, guests with high blood pressure and pregnant women.

No guest costumes, painted faces or event re-entry will be allowed.

Where can I go to eat at Fright Nights?

We have a variety of many locations to choose from as follows; note not all locations will be available every evening.

Triple O's Restaurant

The legendary taste of a White Spot burger is located steps away from the main gate of Playland! Triple O's features mouth-watering made-to-order burger combos using high quality, fresh ingredients, served fast and with a smile! Don't miss out on tasting Triple O's Legendary Burger, rated by Globe and Mail newspaper as one of the 125 Best Things in Canada!

Pizza Pizza

Tantalize your taste buds with mouth watering pizza choices, chicken and other tasty snacks. Located along Playland's games line, Pizza Pizza is the perfect place to grab a meal, sit back and take in the midway magic!

Fundunkers Donut Shop

Fundunkers is home of the famous PNE Mini Donut! Savor the sweet taste of cinnamon and sugar-covered mini donuts along with a tasty assortment of specialty coffee blends. Mini donuts are a must have at Playland!

What the Fudge

Let your nose guide you right to What the Fudge, located south of the Hell's Gate ride, in the heart of Playland! Bite into a delicious fudge apple, dipped fresh right in front of your eyes, or choose from over a dozen different flavors of fudge to enjoy! Take home a box of goodies for the entire family!

Candy Shoppe

Coke bottles, hot lips, marshmallow frogs, jawbreakers and more! Fill up your bag with your favourite candy, or create a rainbow of powdered sugar with our sugar dispenser. Also in the Candy Shoppe, you can try hundreds of different pop flavours and combination with Coke-Freestyle. Located at the north side of the games line across from the Corkscrew.

Colossal Cones

A tortilla cone full of BIG flavour and BIG toppings. Crunchy coleslaw is covered in crispy Chicken, Shrimp or Falafel and then topped off with zesty sauce. Located west of the Hellevator.