Meet the Fright Nights Freaks in person … if you dare!

  • Mina

    Damned and demanding, this demon doll knows her place in the world is above everyone else. She spends most of her time in the theatre, under the spotlight.

  • Beliel

    A Demon from the depths of Hell, he lives for torturing and killing mortals. Once, he gave a man mercy, betrayed, he vowed to never allow a man to fool him again.

  • Slits

    This boogyman sees his victims differently than the others. When he hides under your bed, all you’ll see is his gleaming maw.

  • Crispy

    This clown is a menace. As a child he was spurned, but now his family is horribly burned.

  • Meatbag

    This sick doctor grew up in a morgue. When his father wasn’t around, he would play with the bodies. Eventually, he got bored and turned his practice on himself.